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This survey uses advanced technology to generate highly accurate and detailed 3D representations of the space, allowing clients and consultants to examine the space without having to be physically present. The survey provides an efficient and cost-effective way to gain a thorough understanding of the space, ensuring that the renovation plans match the client's needs and expectations. 3D scanning has been a valuable tool for our firm when looking to provide the best possible services to our clients.

With locations in Ohio, Kentucky and as far afield as Georgia Tire Discounters is a client focused on retail prototyping. Open Architecture has focused on the tenants of brand continuity, consistency, and customer recognition.


By finding materials and methods such as ‘cast brick’, Open Architecture has found ways to reduce labor time and provide savings to the client while maintaining quality, consistency, and innovative designs. Tire Discounters large geographic rollout has ensured that Open Architecture has had diverse experience with jurisdictional building codes and requirements making us more adaptable to client’s needs.

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