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We understand how important it is to create a space that reflects the brand and the vision of our clients. We work closely with clients to develop new concepts and to integrate their brand into the design. We also have extensive experience in working with brands and their prototypes to create a unique and memorable restaurant experience.

kanji - cincinnati, oh

Kanji is a Korean Cuisine and Sushi restaurant located in the Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati. The restaurant resides in a vibrant, pedestrian center of the city on the first floor a historic building.

fuzzys - clifton, oh

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is located at the intersection of McMillan Street and Clifton Avenue. This high traffic location lends energy to the vibrant and sleek interior finishes, blending ambiance and flavors to deliver the optimum user experience.

tropical smoothy - Cincinnati, oh

The Tropical Smoothy Cafe is a great example of a brand rollout space that successfully engages with both existing architectural design and a brand's visual aesthetics.

wings & rings office- Cincinnati, oh

The Wings and Rings Office is an innovative and unique adaptation of a pre-engineered metal building that has been transformed into a modern office space.

Bostons restaurant - Cincinnati, oh

Bostons Restaurant is an excellent example of a prototype brand roll out. Our team of architects worked closely with the client to ensure their brand was realized in architectural elements and aesthetics.

dairy queen - fairfield, oh

The Dairy Queen Fairfield project is a great example of a successful brand rollout. Our team of architects worked closely with the client to ensure that the architecture and design elements of the building accurately reflected the Dairy Queen brand.

dairy queen- middletown, oh

At Dairy Queen Middletown, we worked with the client to create a prototype brand roll out that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our architecture team designed a modern space that incorporates the Dairy Queen brand into both the interior and exterior of the restaurant.

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