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chips glass

This survey uses advanced technology to generate highly accurate and detailed 3D representations of the space, allowing clients and consultants to examine the space without having to be physically present. The survey provides an efficient and cost-effective way to gain a thorough understanding of the space, ensuring that the renovation plans match the client's needs and expectations. 3D scanning has been a valuable tool for our firm when looking to provide the best possible services to our clients.

Chips Auto Glass - Sharonville is a renovation project that aimed to enhance the existing space by incorporating the original structure as architectural elements. The renovation focused on preserving and enhancing the underlying architectural conditions while simultaneously contending with them. Our team understood the importance of balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal, which is why we incorporated branding elements through graphics and color to create an inviting space for customers.


Despite the limited space, we were able to achieve a vibrant defined aesthetic that blended practicality with style. The finished project reflects the client's vision and meets their needs while also creating an enjoyable experience for their customers. Our team's attention to detail and expertise in renovation projects allowed us to transform the space while maintaining its original character.

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