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The Guggenheim Module is an exhibition element originally designed for the Countryside, The Future exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In partnership with 80 Acres, Infinite Acres and OMA, Open Architecture developed a mobile module that brings the freshness of a country garden to the heart of New York City.

Open Architecture was tasked to develop a tomato grow module that could be transported from Cincinnati, OH and reassembled on site at the Guggenheim Museum. In addition to transportation, the module and its viewing window were under unique climatological conditions. The interior climate requirements for plant growth and the exterior condition made it necessary to develop a unique, climatized window wall to combat condensation while not impeding visibility.

The module was constructed using an interior steel frame with an IMP skin. The IMP façade left a blank canvas for applied graphics from both OMA (for Countryside, The Future) and 80 Acres (upon its return to Cincinnati at the 70K project). In addition to providing a branding opportunity the clean lines and neutral façade elevated the module from a simple mechanical box to a refined exhibition element.

The Guggenheim Module is the nexus between technology, architecture and nature and shows us a glimpse of the future that is rapidly approaching. 80 Acres was able to show the world that growing tomatoes on a sidewalk in downtown New York was not only art, but a real-world urban farm. Open Architecture provided architectural design and construction management services as part of our overall program management for the Client.

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