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Years in the making the 70K Farm in Hamilton Ohio was developed as a central part of 80 Acres’ vision for the future of indoor farming. The facility is phase 2 of a multiphase master plan for the site.  A genuine first of its kind the facility, 80 Acres is poised to make a lasting impact to the future of vertical farming.

80 Acres Farms in partnership with Open Architecture set out to develop a “Best in Class” vertical farm.  This project was the culmination of 5 years of research and development work.  By imbedding Open Architecture staff in our client’s industry, technology and organization Open Architecture has been able to fluidly assist in the design and development of a truly futuristic food manufacturing facility.

Utilizing a Design-Assist project delivery system the client, contractors and our team were able to develop solutions in real time as the client made consequential decisions about their facilities future. This continuous feedback loop, in all phases of the project, led to a detailed design with constant optimizations and cost controls.  The process has culminated with the development of an Infinite Acres and 80 Acres prototypical farm that can be implemented anywhere in the world as part of turnkey development.  Open Architecture provided architectural design, interior design, construction management all as part of our overall program management for the Client.

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